We Are All Called To Improve

1 Corinthians 6:19


Matthew 19:26


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The Marshmallow Effect: Can you delay rewards for even bigger ones?

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The Man Who Planted Trees: Start doing now and reap the rewards later!


Lesson 11: Future Planning Review and Continuation
Are you concerned about going out into the world to contribute? Jesus urges us, “...do not be afraid..."-Matthew 10:31

Relax and dream up a good life says Jim Carrey.

Hint: You can ask the universe for help, by praying more.

We'll get started with a 4 min video: Sit where you can watch silently. This vid kicks off a review of our future planning session.

The Meaning:


Step 1: By right clicking, go to: http://careerinsite.alberta.ca/sign-up.aspx and sign up for a free account.
Step 2: After signing in, click on the orange button, Know Yourself and complete the Interests Exercise.
Step 3: When done the survey, click the blue GET RESULTS button. Look at your rankings and click the blue button:
GET OCCUPATIONS. Now spend at least five minutes, viewing occupations suited to you.
Step 4: Complete the Planning Package Mr. Parr hands out. He will evaluate your responses, and return it to you for
a summative mark on your report card.
Step 5: If you finish early, you may explore the rest of the Alis site at: alis.alberta/ca/

Lesson 15: Mindful Rock Balancing
Objectives: Compare personal health choices to standards for health; e.g., physical activity, nutrition, relaxation, sleep, reflection. Identify and examine potential sources of physical/emotional/ social support. Identify sources of stress in and describe positive methods of dealing with such stressors.

We're going to try this mindfulness activity today. You will be responsible for submitting a picture of your creation, participating responsibly, and journalling about your experience.

The BIG questions are:
  • What is rock balancing?
  • Why do it?
  • What has my introduction to balancing rocks been like?
  • Is this something I'm likely to try again?
  • Do I think this has benefits for others? Who?
  • What does rock balancing remind me of?
  • What did I learn about rock balancing today? Was it as easy as I thought it would be?
  • Did someone else's rock balance impress me? Surprise me?
  • Can I take a really cool picture of my balancing rocks?

Let's take a look at Gravity Glue 2014 (7minutes)


Pretty bizarre, eh?!!

One of your tasks is to take a picture. Look at these!

Why do it? What are the benefits?


Let's try it!

Your Task:
1. If you have a camera, bring it.
2. Dress for the weather
3. We'll go outside and find a good location for building. (secluded, level, dry, near a supply of rocks).
4. You will practice rock balancing as a mindfulness activity, exploring, experiencing, interacting, with nature.
5. No one owns the rocks. Share and be polite.
6. Your creation is temporary, take a picture of it and email it to Mr. Parr (parrl@holyspirit.ab.ca)
7. Your creation is like a snowman, don't expect it to be there tomorrow.
8. Journal about your experience.
9. This is an independent project, no partner work allowed.
10. Avoid visiting with others, be attentive to your sculpture and thoughts.

Lesson 17: Living a Healthy Life
Read Labels carefully.

1min video.

Ergonomics Are Not A Pain:

3min vid.

4mins (Those guys again).

Sit Correctly:

1min vid.

Try these stretches to avoid repetitive injuries:


Walking is good for you if your technique is good: