Practice for Provincial Achievement Tests:

Healthy Habits: This interactive site reviews how and when to wash your hands.
(Health Wellness KLO: W-3.2 improve and practise positive health habits) Sorting items into food groups. practise

the difference between wholesome and junk food.

Help PacMan consume wholesome foods and avoid junk:

Guinea Pigs: Funny footage.
Creative slideshow of what guinea pigs do when you're not around.


Important Language Arts Sites 2010:

Sentence Structure, punctuation, capitalization games:

General Sites:

General: (awesome vision test!) (test taking survey) (the newest exam practice site!)

Just For Educational Fun: Shapezoid! Starts out easy and gets intense fast! Basic 2D shapes knowledge (squares, circles, etc) required. Quaint review/reward for early finishers :) Reminds me of playing Galactica as a young lad. rotating polygons

Can you train your foot? This site will guess your number!

Thanksgiving: This page reviews the i sound and reads to you as you decorate a pumpkin. This page will sound out the words and read it to you! This will be a challenging game for grades 3-7 A challenge spatial awareness row swap activity with a Thanksgiving theme.




Math Puzzle:

Logic Game:

Remembrance Day: Try the jigsaw puzzles!

How many articles can you find in any of the papers and magazines below that deals with Remembrance Day, Remembrance Week, Veterans Day, war, or peace?


As a challenging yet rewarding and educational introduction to the Advent season, work with a partner and decorate your tree with correct answers:

Missionwork in our diocese:

Reindeer Roundup:


Very cool tree decorating thinking game:

Another thinking game based on puzzles:

Rain Deer Chorus! Make your own Christmas music.

Fourteen Days Until Christmas!:

Mental math with money:

Mental math telling time on an analogue clock:

Disco Dancing Santa: be creative and choreograph!

Lots of Christmas stories to read or listen to: You can personalize a story too.

For Christmas fun: Show me your best Christmas Maze time.
Project stuffy Santas at the right angle.

St. Patrick's Day:

Please spend at least 7 minutes on each site.

Start with this legit site that offers facts that may surprise you about St. Patrick. A lot of myths and misconceptions surround this popular saint. Before proceeding to the quizzes and games, it is important to read about the man so that you can start to realize that there are differences in opinion on the internet.

Go ahead and have some fun now:

Lent and Easter:

1st: Easter typing challenge (don't look at the keyboard as you play):

2nd: Design and decorate an Easter egg. Do not print it. :

3rd: A challenging Easter puzzle. Hint, if you right click on the piece, you can rotate it. :

4th: A sight vocabulary builder, an Easter themed word find. Challenge yourself and avoid the hints.

5th: A classic strategy game:

6th: A fine motor coordination game:

7th: Another strategy game, mah-jong:


(watch these bloopers)
(knee passing drill)
(great triangle drill)
(crab volleyball game…harder than it looks)

(spiking game online)

(bumping or “passing” the ball)

Bumper Ball Fun! (2.5mins)

Shot Put: (4mins)


Data Management: Chapter 4

Combining Transformations: Chapter 5

Know your ratios Chapter 6

Finding Equivalent Ratios

Converting between fractions/ decimals / percents

Simplifying Ratios

Improper fractions

Understanding integers

Multiples and factors

Lots of measuring games at the bottom of site


You will need a pencil and scrap paper. Work through the experiments and correctly categorize the test tubes.