Chapter 4: Data Relationships Awesome tally chart practice! Try the following areas of this site: Play the movie, game, belly up, pop a joke, read about it, word wall, Easy Quiz, Hard Quiz (online versions).

Chapter 5: Measurement
1. Start your review of how to measure things with this glossary.

2. Segment defined

3. Metre defined. Click on the "length" link from this page now and from that page, click on "centimetre" !
4. A virtual ruler for measuring from Microsoft!

5. Fill the containers by estimating.
Chapter 1: Patterns
Introductory Video to Patterning: watch and interactive with excellent 15 minute video on core patterns, extending, and repeating.

1. Frogline fun
(Say the number sequence forward and backward from 0 to 1000 by 5s, 10s, or 100s using any starting point 25s using starting points that are multiples of 25)
2. station: 100 chart with many applications
(Extend a skip counting sequence by 25s, forward and backward, starting at a given multiple of 25, Identify and correct errors and omissions in a skip counting sequence, Identify and explain the skip counting-pattern for a number sequence.)
3. Identifying and extending patterns of shapes and numbers. Great site for practicing this skill.

4. Crack the code by identifying the pattern!

Chapter 2: Numbers
1. use glossary to define and interact with a canadian dime.

2. identify numbers using virtual base ten blocks
3a. Represent and describe numbers to 1000, concretely, pictorially, and symbolically.

3b. Microsoft site again! Virtual base ten blocks.


5, Caesar Rodney School District game on their site: "Dogbone" (Compare and order numbers to 1000.GREAT for estimation too.)

6. Place value game by Jefferson Lab! I played it about a dozen times with 3 discards, highest number being 6, before I got the highest number.

7. Challenge! Up to 100,000!

8. Identifying mystery numbers on a number line!

Chapter 3: Adding and Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers

Using Doubles:

Please raise your hand and show me your results after you finish 3 rounds of play.
(Challenge- must do at Fast rate 11-20. Print copy of results. Can't cheat as much on this Fast level).

Making 10:
Wow. Tough game with strategy involved. TIP: Stack identical sums together.

Chapter 8: Multiplication

1. Predict how many outfits the teddy can wear.

2. More combination practice.

Chapter 10: Measuring Time and Mass
"Solve a problem involving the number of minutes in an hour or the number of days in a given month."

You will need your agenda. Look up special days you are looking forward to, and use the calculator link below to find out how many hours, days, full weeks, and months until the event.

Make sure to try the place value activities at the bottom of the screen too:

Chapter 11: 2D and 3D ShapesLearn Alberta Glossary: Investigate the following terms in this order:

polygon, triangle, quadrilateral, rectangle, square, pentagon, hexagon, octagon.

Chapter 6: Addition and Subtraction
Adding game to 3 digits. Can you race the computer and win?

The New Math PATs
Nelson series question bank: Blackline masters for Mr. Parr.

Single Digit Subtraction! (Thanks to Western Protocol, this wiki has online sites that are directly related to specific AB curriculum objectives) (great site for 100's chart and skip counting)