Congratulations! You have been chosen to complete a research project. You will receive 7 periods to complete it, starting with this one. So let's get started.

The Task: Build a PowerPoint presentation that takes no longer than 2 minutes to view, based on an animal that is randomly selected by you.

4pts= Content
4pts= Organization
4pts= Process


  • Stay on topic, your presentation is to be based on an animal assigned to you.
  • Use pictures of adult, female, male, baby, versions of your animal.
  • Include one picture of a group of your animals.
  • Include terms for the female, and baby version of your animal
  • Include the term(s) for a group of your animal.
  • List at least one other way you can refer to your animal. Eg. Cow=bovine,heifer,steer,bull,angus,domestic beast,etc
  • Repeat one fact (for the fun of it)
  • Make up one fact (for the fun of it)
  • Make up one word (for the fun of it)
  • Optional: Set your presentation to some music or sound effects, include a pop quiz, use first person point of view.

  • Does it make sense to me?
  • Does it go over 2 minutes?
  • Are the pictures and text big enough?
  • Are the slides "balanced"
  • Done on time
  • Entertaining and informative
  • Optional: 3 prizes (worth about 25 cents or less, each)