Grade 2 Science


14:00 min video- Water, Who Needs It?

( The importance of water as a liquid on earth).

4:30 mins - Absorbency video-

2:00 mins - How Paper Towels Absorb -

This is a great site to find curriculum related science resources. Look carefully at the bar on the left to access material for other subjects too.

Students, Check out each link to learn more about sound and hearing:

1. 5 minute video on how ears enable us to hear, and how the brain interprets sound.

2. Volume review.
3. Review concepts of sound and hearing.

4. the ear hears. View the video on hearing and then click "next" to see the next video, then do the activity.

5.! Let the professor and Proton show you how you are able to hear different types of sounds.

6. Patterns and organization turns noise into musical sound. Make your own rhythmic patterns.

Rocks and Minerals

Nice site written for students that has concise basic information and background for teachers:

Constructing Things:

Step 1: Watch and interact with this terrific Wonderville lesson on raising a teepee!

Step 2: