Definition of A Newspaper Article

We read newspaper articles to get information about what is happening in our community and in the rest of the world.  Newspaper articles inform us about different issues affecting our lives. Articles deal with local and/or world events. Some articles deal with entertainment, fashion, sports, and business.

Reporters write their news stories in the "inverted pryramid" style.

Here is an example of a News Story:

(Calgary Herald, January 26, 2000)

Headline ------------------------------->Gorilla Baby Living
                                                   up to New Name

                                                              Howard Salkow  <-------Byline
                                                              Calgary Herald

                    Lead--------------->    Calgary Zoo's infant gorilla
                                                    has been given a South African
Important fact ------------------->    Rob Sutherland, the zoo's ape
                                                    keeper has named the most
                                                    recent addition Zwalani.
Important fact ------------------->    The name means "friend" in
                                                    Xhosa, the language spoken by
                                                    a South African tribe.
Important fact ------------------->    "He has already lived up to his
                                                    name in proving to be amenable
                                                    to visitors to the zoo," said spokes-
                                                    woman, Trish Exton-Parder.
Fact ----------------------------->    She added that Zwalani's mom,
                                                    Tabitha, has not been shy about
                                                    showing off her newborn.
Fact ----------------------------->    "The duo are proving to be quite
                                                    a hit."
Fact ---------------------------- >    Zwalani was the zoo's Millenium
                                                    baby and was born January 14.
Fact ---------------------------->    This is Tabitha's second birth in
Fact ---------------------------->    Her first infant was born in 1993
                                                    and is now in Kansas.

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