Student Checklists

How Good Is Your Newspaper Story?

Writer's Name: __________________________    Date: ______________

Use this checklist to help you decide how good your story is and how to improve it before handing it in to your editors.

  • My Headline tells the story.
  • My Byline gives the writer credit.
  • My Lead tells the reader the most important news.
  • I included a Quote.
  • My Body answers the 5 W's and H.
  • My Ending gives the reader something to remember.

  • If you can check each above item, you are ready to hand your article to your editors.  Good for you :)

    Personal Ergonomics Checklist

     Chair Adjustment


    Did You Know? Sitting with your feet flat on the floor (or supported by a footrest) will help support your spine.  Having your thighs parallel to the seat with knees bent at approximately a 90° angle, and having adequate clearance behind your knees, will keep the chair from interfering with the circulation to your legs (blood flowing to your feet is generally considered a healthy thing :)

     Work surface / Keyboard Adjustment


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