Student Exercises

Write a news story  using the  information below:

As you work with this information, be sure to refer to the Self-Checklist I have designed to help you.

Here are the facts:

When you are satisfied with your story, get 3 editors to read your story and offer suggestions for improvement.
After your Final Copy is completed, please proofread backwards and forwards. This is a key step so please don't skip it. :)
Send a Final Copy of your article to the printer and give it to your teacher!

Teachers, if you upload articles onto your web site, feel free to email me and I will create a link to your web site so that other students can check out your class' articles.

Here is a Second Functional Writing Assignment:

(suggested time - 40-60 minutes)

Read the following situation and complete the assignment that follows, using the information below..

The Situation

You are a writer for your school's newspaper.  This newspaper is read by students, parents, and staff. Some students from your school have just returned from an interesting trip. You interviewed a student and did some library research on the place they visited.


    Write a news article in which you tell about the trip the students took.
    Encourage readers to learn more about the place the students visited.

When writing, be sure to

Your Interview Notes:

What happened?    - people went to the country of China
                              - visited homes and schools
                              - made friends with students at a school in Shanghai

Who went?            - teachers and students from school including students Phil Smith and Les Jones

Why?                    - Lethbridge School District sent them to learn about China and to exchange ideas with the Chinese

When?                  - they wre there during the Chinese Spring Festival
                            - the trip lasted two weeks
                            - group returned two days ago

What else?            - group learned a lot and saw many interesting things

What next?            - Internet link between your school and school in Shanghai will allow students, staff and
                                parents to learn about each other




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